Unique Girl Names (that aren't TOO out there but you'll still love!) (2023)

Looking for a unique girl name can be a LOT of work. You don’t want something too out there, but you also don’t want your daughter to have the same name as five other girls in her kindergarten class.

Take a listen to the video on this page. There I list the top things you need to remember when choosing a baby name.

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Anyway – here are some of our favorite unique girl names in alphabetical order!

Unique Girl Names (that aren't TOO out there but you'll still love!) (1)

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Abriella – This baby name is of English origin, and means “pillar of strength derived from God“. It’s technically from the name Gabrielle, and it’s definitely a unique girl name. 🙂

Abrynn – This name is of English origin and has an unknown meaning.

Aislin – This name is derived from the Irish word “aisling”, which means “dream, vision, day-dream“. Pretty accurate description of your baby, isn’t it?!

Alina – Depending on your source (because the information out there is conflicting), this name is of Slavic origin and means “bright, beautiful”.

Amadora – This unique girl name has roots in Italian, and is a version of the name Amadore. The meaning of this name is “gift of love”.

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Ambry – This name is rarely used, which makes it a VERY unique baby name to give your little one (I love this one!) The origin and meaning are both unknown.

Ameika – This unusual girl name is also pretty unique. It has no known meaning or origin, although some sources believe it originated in Australia.

Amelise – A baby girl name that is of French and German origin. The name means “work“.

Annabeth – Anna and Beth are NOT considered unique girl names – but putting them together is not something done very often, and it sounds very pretty. This name has English origins and means “gracious, full of grace”.

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Anyssa – This unique name has English origins, and means “favor, grace“. We think this is a VERY pretty girl name.

Aoife – I heard this name in a Facebook group once, and I think it’s SO pretty (and definitely unique!) It means “beauty” and comes from the Gaelic word aoibh. In Irish legend, Aoife was the name of a warrior princess.

Arabella – This is a baby name of Latin origin that means “yielding to prayer

Aryssa – A unique girl name that has Greek origins and means “best” (because our kids ARE the best, right??!)

Auden – This is technically considered a “boy name” by some, but we all know that when it comes to naming your baby, the sky is the limit and you can name them whatever you want. It’s of Old English origin and means “old friend”.

Auri – Auri is a Finnish variant of the name Aura, which means “breathe, breeze”. It’s a beautiful name that is unique but still very simple to say and spell.

Aurelie – This is a French name derived from the Latin word “golden“. It’s classicly beautiful and has a lot of nickname options.

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Avara – Avara is kind of a mystery in regards to origin and meaning. It COULD be a variant of the English name “Avery”, or the Italian version of the name “Avaro”. Nobody really knows.

Aven – This is an alternate spelling to the name “Eaven”, which is the English pronunciation of an old Irish name (Aoibheann if you’re curious). The meaning of this unique name is “fair radience”.

Averly – A name that has an English origin, and an unknown meaning.

Avianna – This unique girl name is of English origin, and the meaning is “grace, favor”.

Bexley – Bexley is actually a place name (both an area in south-east London and a city in Ohio), but personally, I think it’s a VERY pretty name. There is no known meaning associated with it.

Brecklyn – This unique girl name doesn’t have a origin or meaning that we know for sure, but it’s believed to be of Anglo-Saxon origin and meaning “beacon“.

Briella – A American girl name that was coined from the name Gabriella. It’s thought to mean “little woman of God”.

Brynn – This unique girl name is of Welsh origin. It means “hill“, and while still unique, it is becoming more popular.

Calla – A lovely name is of Greek origin, and it means “beautiful“. I think this name sounds so feminine – I love it.

Cambria – This name derived for the Welsh word Cymru, and it’s the Latin word for “Wales“. This is what the Welsh people call their country, so it’s also been said to mean “fellow countrymen”

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Constance – A name that derives from Latin. It means “constant” and has different variations such as Connie.

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Daeva – This unique girl name is an Indian baby name and I ALMOST don’t want to tell you the meaning..but I will. The meaning of this name is “evil spirit”.

Daiha – The origin and meaning of this name are unknown. It’s most commonly used in Brazil as a surname.

Danine – When we look WAY back, this name actually originates from the male name Daniel, which is Hebrew. We don’t know the meaning of this name, but the meaning of Daniel is “judge is God” and that’s as close as we’re gonna get. It’s most often used in Sweden.

Eisley – This unique name means “cheerful“, and is the Americanized version of the surname Eisele (Swedish). It is phonetically similar to the name Ashley, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it ends up becoming more popular.

Elladine – This uncommon girl name is a Greek and Old German name that means “sun ray; other, foreign“. It’s a variation to the name Elanor and Ella.

Elodie – This pretty unique girl name originated from the Greek name Alodia. It means “foreign riches”, and is French.

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Elora – This beautiful girl name is of English origin, and means “God gives the Laurel; the crown of victory“. Fun fact – Elora is also the name of a city in Canada.

Elowen – This is a modern Cornish name that means “elm tree”. Cornish is a language that is spoken by less than 1% of the population, but hopefully some of the names from the language don’t get lost because they are very pretty.

Emberly – This unusual girl name is of English origin, and means “contagious enthusiasm, lover of nature, free spirit”. Personally this would have been a GREAT fit for my younger daughter. 🙂

Emery – A uncommon baby name that means “brave, powerful” and is of English origin.

Emryn – Emryn does not have a known meaning or origin. There are some users on the internet who claim that this unique girl name means “brave leader” and is of English origin, but we don’t know that for sure.

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Evaline – The origin of Evaline is Hebrew, and the baby girl name means “life“. I can already think of some super cute nicknames that would go well with this name.

Graylin – This name doesn’t have a known origin or meaning. It’s considered a unisex name, and peaked in popularity in 1961 (so it’s definitely an uncommon name!)

Greely – Greely was originally used as boy name, and it has English origins. The meaning of this unique name is “gray meadow“. Don’t ask me why a meadow is gray..I truly can’t make sense of it.

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Greer – There are plenty of conflicting resources regarding the name Greer and where it originated, but most sources had a few facts that matched. This name was used as a surname in the middle ages – and the name derives from the name Gregory (which is Scottish). It means “alert, watchful” and is much more common as a surname versus a first name.

Jaxie – This uncommon name is of English origin, and is a form of the name Jax. It is more commonly used with boys, but personally I think I like it better as a girl name. The meaning is unknown.

Jayla – What a beautiful unique girl name! It’s a feminine version of the male name Jay, which derives from Hebrew. The meaning is not known for sure, but it’s believed to mean “to heal”.

Jolee – Jolee is of French origin, and the meaning is “cheerful; pretty”.

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Jubilee – When I hear this name I cannot help but think of the word jubilant. Regardless – it definitely does not share the same meaning unfortunately. The name Jubilee is of Hebrew origin and means “ram horn”.

Kalani – This baby girl name is definitely unique. It has Hawaiian origins (which didn’t surprise me with the way it sounds!) and means “the heavens, sky, royal, majesty”.

Kamdyn – This is another spelling of the name Camden, and I think this spelling is more fitting for a little baby girl. It’s definitely uncommon – and there isn’t a for sure meaning associated with it.

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Kayton – The meaning and origin of this unique girl name is unknown. It’s also considered a unisex name, as it’s used similarily for boys and girls.

Keala – This girl name has origins in Hawaii, and it means “the path”. It was originally a baby boy name, but has since become more popular with baby girls.

Keela – An Irish girl name that is derived from the word “cadhla”. That word means “beautiful” (which you KNOW your little one will be!)

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Keliana – This is another name of Hawaiin origin. A rando on the internet claims this name means “strife warrior”, but we don’t know that for sure.

Kendaleigh – This very unique name has an unknown meaning and origin.

Kenlyn – To figure out the meaning of this name, one user combined the meanings of Linda and Ken. Because Linda means beautiful and Ken means knowledge, the meaning of this name is presumed to be “wise and beautiful” (I like that!) The origin is unknown.

Larkyn – This unique girl name has an unknown meaning and origin. Our best guess regarding the meaning is “silent and fierce”. It’s also a varient of the name Lorcan.

Lavinia – In Roman mythology, Lavinia was the daughter of King Latinus. She is considered to be the mother of the Roman people. We don’t know what the meaning is.

Lena – This is a shortened version of the name Elena, which means “light and shine”. It’s a name with Greek origins.

Lenai – A unique girl name that means “porch. Its origins are in Hawaii, and truthfully this name is just an alternate spelling of the name Lanai (which is also Hawaiian).

Leona – This girls name is of Latin origin and it means “lioness“. One of my friends gave her daughter this name and I think it’s gorgeous.

Livia – This pretty unique name reminds me of the name Olivia,but it actually does have a different origin and meaning. The origin of Livia is Spanish and Latin, and means “blue, envious.

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Louise – A girl name that has Old German origins. It means “famous warrior”. This is a female version of the name Luis, and has been used as a girl name since the 19th century.

Mahlee – We cannot be sure of the meaning of Mahlee, but the origin is Hebrew. There is some belief that the name means “descendants of Mary, an elder tree”.

Makia – The origin of this name is that it’s a Modern English varient of the name Micaiah (which is Hebrew). The meaning is “who is like God”.

Maleah – Malea is the Americanized version fo the Hawaiian name Mary. It has a ton of different spellings, and the name means “calm or gentle waters”.

Mariam – This unique girl name is of Hebrew and Arabic origin, and it means “bitter”. Don’t worry – you aren’t setting yourself up for problems. I have a friend named Mariam and she’a lifesaver for me!

Maribel – This name is of French origin, and is a combination of the names Mary and Belle. The meaning is “beautiful”.

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Maudie – The meaning and origin of this pretty unique girl name are unknown.

Medley – You have a ton of different spelling options with this name, but don’t get so creative that others will have trouble pronouring it over baby’s life

Meritha – This name has an unknown origin and meaning.

Miabella – A name that’s believed to be of English origin. We aren’t entirely sure of the meaning (or the origin), although some people think it means either “gift of God” or “my beautiful”.

Miana – This name may be a variation of the Japanese name “Miyana”. That name means “temple of grace” and has an unknown origin (so basically that means this name is of unknown origin too!)

Milaya – The origin of this unique girl name is not known, and the meaning is assumed to be “brave, powerful”.

Morgana – This name originates from the name Morgan (big surprise). It is of French origin and means “sea-circle”.

Mossie – The meaning and origin of this name are unknown (sorry!)

Natalyn – This name originates from the Latin name Natalia. It was originally given to babies that were born on Christmas day, as the name means (natal day, Christmas). Also consider the spelling Natilyn if you’d prefer.

Neavia – A lovely unique girl name that has origins in Old French and Hebrew. The meaning is unknown, and this name first showed up on the baby name charts in 2012.

Phaedra – Phaedra was the daughter of Minos and his wife Theseus in Greek mythology. That story wasn’t a happy ending for Phaedra, who ended up killing herself when she was rejected by her step-son (who Aphrodite caused her to fall in love with). So the origin is Greek, the meaning is unknown.

Poppy – If you have a young (ish) child, you probably know this unique girl name from the movie Trolls (unless it’s just me that had to watch it daily for six months). This name is of Latin origin and means “red flower”.

Raelyn – This uncommon baby girl name means “well-advised protector; Ewe”. It is of English origin.

Raleigh – This lovely girl name is an English baby name that means “roe deer’s meadow”.

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Ryanne – A name with Irish origins that means “little king”. It’s basically a female form of the name “Ryan”.

Sailee – This name has origins in Hebrew. It is a version of the English and French name Sally. The name means “princess; lady”

Shacy – The meaning and origin of this name is unknown.

Siren – This name probably originates in Greek, as Siren’s were characters in Greek mythology. Sirens were three dangerous bird-women who portrayed themselves as seductresses. They caused men to shipwreck out at sea.

Skylynn – The meaning and origin of this name are unknown, but it’s assumed that the meaning is probably “sky“. Although it’s never been at the top of charts, it has been rising in popularity over the years.

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Suttyn – This unique girl name is typically spelled Sutton, but it’s just as easily readable keeping the Y in there. The name is of English origin and means “from a southern homestead”.

Tahli – Tahli originates from Hebrew, and means “dew from Heaven”. It’s definitely a cute option.

Talia – This is a Hebrew name that is often shortened to Tali. This name also means “dew from Heaven“.

Tauriel – If you’ve ever read or seen The Hobbit, you already know who Tauriel is. According to Tolkien, her name means “forest maiden” and since he made up the name, he gets to decide its meaning! Its origins lay in fiction…

Teona – This name has MANY origins including Latin, English, and Indoeuropean. It is a derivative of the English, Cherokee, Latin, and German name Tiana. There are varying meanings associated with it, such as “joy; happiness” (Latin).

Thaila – Thaila is the Latin form of the Greek name “Thaleia” and “Thallo”. The meaning of this name is “to blossom”.

Tinsley – This uncommon baby girl name means “Tynni’s meadow”. The origin is English, as it’s a relatively popular surname in some countries. I think it is a beautiful sounding girl name.

Tressa – This name is of Cornish origin, and it means “third“. Perhaps it is best fitting for third daughter then?

Tuesday – There isn’t a specific origin or meaning (other than the obvious) for the name Tuesday. While I think these kind of names are cute (think Wednesday from the Adam’s family), I sometimes wonder if that makes it confusing for them in school when the teacher calls out due dates..

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Tully – This unusual name is a surname of Scottish and Irish origin. It has many different spellings, but they all have the same meaning which is “devoted to the will of God“. or “quiet, peaceable” depending on where you look.

Vanya – This pretty name is derived from Hebrew and means “God is gracious”. It is actually a variation of the name Ivan.

Vera – Vera is of Latin or Russian origin. In Latin it means “verity“, in Russian it means “faith“.

Xyla – This is a unique girl name that is of Greek origin. It means “wood-dweller” and it’s a variant of the name Xylia. It’s a pretty name that your daughter probably won’t share with other girls in school.

Zinnia – Zinnia is of German and Latin origin AND it’s a flower! The meaning of this uncommon girl name is “Zinn’s flower”. In the flower world, Zinnia’s symbolize remembrance.

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Zuri – This is probably one of my favorite girl names ever. It is of African, Kiswahili origin and it means “good, beautiful”. It is becoming a bit more popular, but it’s still considered a pretty dang unique girl name.


Unique is kind of relative to your situation. Depending on where you live, a name considered uncommon in your area may be super common in another state or country.

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Basically, unique is in the eye of the beholder (well, you). This is a BIG decision, so definitely do go overboard with it. If you’re choosing a name that isn’t in the top 200 girl names, your daughter will likely have a pretty unique name, or at least only share it with one or two other kids that you know.


For us, ALL of our animals (and one of our daughters) were named after characters in fantasy fiction books. This is my favorite place to source names. Think about some of your favorite books and movies, and source names from these. The reason we love fantasy fiction is many of these names ARE unique, so it’s easy to find something uncommon and beautiful.

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Alternatively, take a look at your family tree. Sometimes you can find little gems hidden in vintage girl names, plus you can honor an ancestor this way!


There’s just a couple of things you want to remember when choosing a unique girl name. First- watch my video (the one you may have paused when you land on the post). In that I share my top five tips for choosing a baby name. Either way, here are a couple of do’s and don’ts.

  • DO choose something easy to spell
  • DO choose something easy to pronounce
  • DO choose something that has an accompanying nickname you like
  • DON’T choose something that you feel pressured to use for a baby name
  • DON’T make your decision in the hospital when you’re hopped up on labor and delivery pain meds. #beenthere
  • DON’T worry about giving your baby a name that’s traditionally for the other gender. It doesn’t matter.
Unique Girl Names (that aren't TOO out there but you'll still love!) (2)


Regardless, I wish you the BEST of luck with picking your baby’s name. From one mom to another – I KNOW you’ll make the right choice. If you don’t grow to love your baby’s name, remember that you can always change it at the social security office before they’re old enough to remember ;).

Best of luck! So tell me, what’s your favorite unique girl name? Did I leave one off of this list that you’d like me to add? Tell me about it in the comments!



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