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Finally, the baby that you have been praying for is now answered! I am sure that you and your husband are so excited to be with the new addition to the family. It’s never too early nor too late to start searching and looking for baby names.


One great word with an endless meaning is the word “quiet”. Quiet can mean a lot of things like wishing your baby to have a peaceful and blissful life. So, we have gathered the best names that mean quiet that you can give your little sunshine as you welcome their lives!

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We have sorted out names that denote “quiet” for boys and girls for your reference. Also, we have included the common attitudes and characteristics that people named after a certain moniker usually have. So, you have all the time to consider

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Top Baby Girls Name That Mean Quiet

Check out the top-listed names that mean quiet for your cute baby girl!


The name Ballari directly translates to someone who is walking quietly or someone who walks softly. This name came from Indian origins and girls given this charming name usually have the qualities of being a leader. They tend to have initiatives on everything that they do so they are seen as strong, powerful, and confident.


Darshinika is a very charming and unique name that you can give your baby girl and this name means “seeing quietly”. This Indian name denotes someone who is capable of doing managerial work because they are responsible and very intuitive on things. Women named after Darshinika are also very warm, gentle, and they are always looking for peace and harmony.


Aside from the name being “quiet and introspective”, the name Dianthe also pertains to “flower”. This name is a variation of the name Diane, and it came all the way from Greek origins. If you want your little girl to be associated with generosity and understanding, this name can be a great choice.

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Parents would want their children to have a quiet and peaceful life and that’s what the name Diara stands for. This name can also mean that your baby is a “dream”, which is true especially because she has been your dream for a long time. Reliability and consistency are one of the best attributes that a woman named Diara have, which most parents would want their babies to have too.

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The name Galena means that this is a person who is quiet and peaceful. This name came from Greek origins and usually, the people named with this are understanding and compassionate. They also love to help other people, especially those who need comfort.


Galene is a variation of the name Galena above, but it comes a little bit different in meaning. Galene means someone who is relaxed and quiet when directly translated. When you give this name to your little one, you can expect that she will grow up to be sympathetic, devoted, and always concerned about the people she loves.


Names from Nordic origins are getting popular these days and one of the best choices that you can make is the name Hilja. When translated, this name means silence, quiet, and calmness. Your girl can also grow up to be someone who can take big responsibilities and deliver them with high precision. This name can also entail that your little girl can turn to be an independent woman as the years pass by.


People named Joan usually have a need for deep inner peace and quiet. They always crave analyzing the world and the things around them. Joan came from German origins and when you name your baby girl with this, she would usually have a very understanding and compassionate nature.

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Women named Jolina are usually known to be quiet and they love analyzing people and the things around them. For jobs, women with the moniker Jolina are usually teachers and scholars.


The name Laqueta is known to be a woman that is quiet, calm, and silent. These people are usually very reliable and consistent. The friends and family members of women named Laqueta always feel secure.

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When you name your baby girl with “Aquene”, it symbolizes “peace and quiet”. You can pronounce this name as ah-kee-ney which makes it sound very feminine and unique.

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As we all know, doves are a symbol of peace and the Holy Spirit. This is a great name for baby girls especially when you want them to be the source of peace in whatever path they may take in life.


Frida is the ferminine counterpart of the name “Frederick”. It came from English origins and it directly translates to “peace”.


The name Mikalah is usually given to babies when their parents want them to be “shy, quiet, and beautiful. It came from English origins and this name will surely fit your pretty baby girl!

Top Baby Boy Names that Mean Quiet

Here’s a list of the top baby boy names that mean quiet”


The name Aghosh directly translates to “quiet”, “peace” and “tranquil”. When you name your little boy with this moniker, you can expect that he can have excellent managerial skills. He can also take great care of responsibilities that his career requires.


In Buddhism, Anzan directly translates into a “strong, tall, quiet mountain”. Boys with the name Anzan are usually an efficient team player and someone who can bridge the gap between people he loves.

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The name Dearan directly translates to someone who is quiet and a great solitary being. This moniker came from Gaelic origins. When you name this to your son, he can be someone who is very idealistic in every step of his life, and he would be naturally charming!


Coming from Greek origins, the name Gailen means “the one who is peaceful and quiet”. Boys with this name are usually an inspiration to other people and they are also very understanding and compassionate.


The unique name Govan sounds very strong and charming to a cute little boy. This moniker means that your child will always have the need for searching inner peace and understanding the world that they live in. People with this name are usually very smart and keen about things.


Giving your baby boy the name Heahstan means “someone with a quiet and inventive mind.” Boys with this name often have skills for managerial work. They are also usually very compassionate and love helping other people.

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Hudn came from Arabic origins and this name directly means “peace, calm, and quiet”. Boys given this name are usually strong in nature, powerful, and very confident. They are also very energetic and love to entertain people.


The moniker Joab came from German origins and when you give this name to your coming baby boy, he can be a leader someday. They are also very appreciative of the things around them.


The name Calum came from Scottish origins and it means “bird of peace”. If you have heard of Calum Scott, the famous British songwriter, you will surely be insipred with all of his songs. Who knows, your son might become a famous artist too!


You might have heard of this name a lot of times, but did you know that the moniker Wilfred actually translates into “desiring peace”. It came from English origins and if you want a name that sounds charming and easy to remember, you should go for this name.


The name Aarav sounds very strong and unique for your new addition to the family. This name came all the way from Indian origins and it means “peace” and “calm”. So, if you are to give this name to your son, it can symbolize that he is your peace and calm in the middle of all the negative things around the world.

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Axel came from Scandinavian origins and it was actually derived from the name Absalom from the Bible. This name means “harbinger of peace”.


If you want your boy’s name to be a little more unique than the regular name “Jeffrey”, then you can use the beautiful variation, “Geoffrey”. This name means “divine peace”.


Kamau is a very powerful and strong name because it means “quiet warrior”. This African name is perfect if you want your little boy to grow up fighting for what is right without stepping on other people.


The moniker Manfred symbolizes “man of peace” and it came all the way from German origins.

Choosing the Best Name That Means Quiet

Giving your baby names that mean quiet can give a significant impact on their lives. As parents, we want our children to have a quiet and peaceful life, and giving them names that symbolizes quietness and peace will surely manifest in their lives.

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60 Names That Mean Quiet or Shy for Boys And Girls -baby girl names that mean quietnames that mean quietquiet names for babiesWhat name means calm quiet?Whats a name that means quiet?

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What are names for quiet people? ›

8 Words for Introverts
  • Introvert. noun : one whose personality is characterized by introversion especially : a reserved or shy person who enjoys spending time alone. ...
  • Aloof. adjective : removed or distant either physically or emotionally. ...
  • Shrinking violet. ...
  • Wallflower. ...
  • Unclubbable. ...
  • Buttoned-up. ...
  • Cool. ...
  • Taciturn.

What is a name for quiet? ›

adj.calm, peaceful. adj.simple, unobtrusive. nouncalmness, silence. verbmake silent, calm.

What name means the peace of quiet? ›

Shanti: This peace name means 'tranquility' and 'quiet', and we love how calm and musical it sounds. Shiloh: This name, meaning 'tranquil', is great for either gender. Winifred: From the Welsh, this name means 'blessed peacemaker' and has a great vintage vibe.

What name means quiet for a girl? ›

37 Baby Girl Names That Mean Quiet
EcgtheowPeace; quiet; harmony; a heroic nameEnglish
GalenaThe one who is quiet and peaceful.Greek
GaleneThe one who is relaxing and quiet.Greek
GalinaSprit of quiet oceans.Greek,Russian
35 more rows

What's a word for quiet and shy? ›

Bashful means shy or timid.

What is a very quiet person? ›

Quiet People are different from loners or introverts or recluses. And quietness is not the same as shyness. Those who are shy keep to themselves and shy away from others. Quiet People, however, find it easy to be around other people. They can be quite social and sociable.

What name means calmness? ›

Galene. Galene means "calm" or "one who is relaxing and quiet." Derived directly from the Greek word galene, it's often thought of as a feminine version of the name Galen. Galena is another common version of this name. Galene is also the name of a goddess who represents the calm sea in Greek mythology.

What girl name means calm and peaceful? ›

Irene: Another name with Greek roots, this name means “peace.” Lana: The Hawaiian meaning of this name is “calm as still waters.” Lulu: Of Swahili origins, this name means “calm, peaceful.” Olivia: Another name that stems from the olive tree, which is a traditional peace symbol.

What is the most calming name? ›

12 Baby Names With A Calm, Peaceful Vibe
  • Though Bogey gave it a tough guy aura, Humphrey does mean 'peaceful warrior'. ...
  • Pax.
  • Placido.
  • Serenity.
  • Shiloh.
  • Stellan.
  • Tully.
  • Winifred.
May 30, 2014

What Zuri means? ›

Zuri is a feminine given name of Swahili origin meaning “beautiful.” It has been among the 1,000 most popular names for newborn girls in the United States since 2010 and among the top 300 names since 2018.

What name means no emotion? ›

Nonmedical terms describing similar conditions include emotionless and impassive. People with the condition are called alexithymics or alexithymiacs.

What is a name for lonely? ›

Some common synonyms of lonely are alone, desolate, forlorn, lonesome, lone, and solitary.

What are Spanish names for quiet? ›

Plácido. This name means “quiet” or “calm” in Latin. You might like to choose this cute Spanish name for your baby boy if he has a calm disposition.

What Japanese name means quiet? ›

Yoshi: May you have many peaceful nights at home with a new baby boy who honors his adorable name's meaning...“silent or quiet.” Yukio: A delightful-sounding Japanese name for boys with a meaning that's equally blissful: Yukio means “happy or fortunate boy.”

What word means calm quiet? ›

peace. noun. a calm quiet situation in which you are not annoyed by noise or other people.

What is a synonym for staying quiet? ›

clam up. keep one's trap shut. not let out a peep. say nothing. shut up.

What is special about quiet people? ›

Quiet people are more likely to be introverts than extroverts and tend to be more creative and sensitive than the average person. They also tend to be private people who don't like being in large crowds or socializing much at all unless it's necessary for work or school.

Are quiet people happier? ›

“There are benefits of introversion,” says University of California, Riverside, psychologist Sonja Lyubomirsky. “But research shows that extroverts are happier.”

Is being quiet healthy? ›

When you practice solitude and silence, you allow your brain to process your emotions, rather than suppressing them and remaining on autopilot. You may feel some uncomfortable emotions through this process, but the sooner you recognize and address your feelings, the sooner you can move forward in health and freedom.

What name means peace and joy? ›

Freida - This Old German name means peace and joy. Frida - This Scandinavian name means peaceful.

What name means soft hearted? ›

211 Baby Names That Mean Soft
ClemenceMerciful; lenient; gentle; soft-heartedGirl
ClemenciaMild and gentle; merciful; good natured and soft heartedGirl
ClemencyGentle; mild; soft; warm and heartyGirl
ClementeMerciful; lenient; soft hearted; loving; sweet temperedBoy
88 more rows

What name means unexpected joy? ›

Geila Originally spelled Gila, Geila is a Hebrew name that means unexpected joy.

What name means gentle? ›

Names That Mean Gentle
  • Talia. Origin: Hebrew; Australian Aboriginal. Meaning: ...
  • Winnie. Origin: English diminutive of Winifred. Meaning: ...
  • Mildred. Origin: English. Meaning: ...
  • Dalia. Origin: Hebrew or Swahili. Meaning: ...
  • Gareth. Origin: Welsh. Meaning: ...
  • Clemens. Origin: Latin. Meaning: ...
  • Rabi. Origin: Arabic. ...
  • Tally. Origin: Diminutive of Talia.

What girl names mean gentle strength? ›

Mildred: Meaning “gentle strength”, Mildred was a very popular name in the early 1900s, but has since dipped in popularity. Millie makes a sweet nickname.

What girl name means free spirit? ›

Damica Hailing from France, Damica is a bit of an old-fashioned name, but you could bring it back. It means “with a free spirit” or “friendly.”

Should I give my anxiety a name? ›

Name your anxiety.

Many people find it helpful to name their anxiety. I've worked with clients who have called it everything from “the butterflies” to “the dark cloud.” This helps remind them that it's something that comes into their life-;but it's not their identity.

What name means gentle strength? ›

Mildred is an English name, meaning 'gentle strength'. This ancient moniker was popularized in England via the 8th century Saint. And in the United States, Mildred was one of the top 10 names from 1903 to 1926.

What is shy name? ›

The name Shy is both a boy's name and a girl's name meaning "reserved, timid". Not the most aspirational word names you could give to a child, although it does work as a nickname. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's daughter Chicago is often called Chi, pronounced "shy."

What name means quiet for a boy? ›

44 Baby Boy Names That Mean Quiet
LaquanA quiet, shy personBoy
LetifA quiet person of gentle natrueBoy
NeeshThe one who is quiet and calm.Boy
NyeinQuiet, calmnessUnisex
42 more rows

What Korean name means quiet? ›

Jeong 정 This single syllable Korean name means “quiet and gentle.”

What Chinese name means quiet? ›

Jing 静 – calm/quiet. 4. Li 丽– pretty.

What is the least liked name? ›

The Most Unpopular Baby Names For 2022 Have Been Revealed
  • Jeffrey.
  • Nigel.
  • Ashton.
  • Graham.
  • Stuart.
  • Chad.
  • Gary.
  • Bill.
Aug 5, 2022

What is the meaning of shy name? ›

The name Shy is both a boy's name and a girl's name meaning "reserved, timid". Not the most aspirational word names you could give to a child, although it does work as a nickname.

What name means no one? ›

Outis (a transliteration of the Ancient Greek pronoun Οὖτις = "nobody" or "no one") is an often used pseudonym that appeared famously in Classical Greek legends.


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