60 Best Shy Girl Names For Your Timid Baby Girl With Meanings (2023)

Being a bit scared or reserved when you’re young is completely natural, and it’s even kind of cute when your little girl expresses it, which is why shy girl names are so great!

Shy girl names may sound like a bad thing at first, but most of them are rather beautiful and often have awesome nicknames that you can also use for your baby girl.

Just because someone is shy doesn’t mean they’re scared or perpetually timid, they may just have a harder time dealing with crowds; but they show their true colors in smaller circles of people and when they’re amongst close friends.

Shy people are often quite gentle and empathetic too, which is why a lot of these baby names that mean shy are also connected to these traits.

They’re usually a lot more observant, and like to sit on the sidelines and simply study people and their behavior.

These are often people who develop a more methodical and analytical approach to problems, making them great strategists.

So, why not give your own little analyst a name with a beautiful meaning?

Read on to discover some of the best baby girl names (and some baby boy names and unisex ones too) that mean shy.

60 Best Shy Girl Names (With Meanings)

1. Adallindis

60 Best Shy Girl Names For Your Timid Baby Girl With Meanings (1)

A name with Germanic roots that translates to ‘soft’ and ‘tender’.

2. Aldara

A Spanish name meaning ‘cautious’ and ‘vigilant’.

3. An

A short, 2-letter name for girls of Chinese origin. It translates to ‘peace’ and ‘quiet’.

4. Ballari

A very beautiful Indian name. It refers to ‘walking quietly’.

5. Bilhah

A name with Hebrew roots that translates to ‘bashful’. Bilhah is a religious name as well; it belonged to one of Jacob’s servant girls in the Old Testament and the mother of Naphtali and Dan, Jacob’s sons.

6. Caoimhe

A wonderful Irish name that is rare in the US, but a simply lovely name nonetheless. It refers to someone who is ‘kind’, ‘gentle’, and ‘beautiful’.

The pronunciation is a bit tough, but the simplest one is “Kwee-va”, which sounds adorable.

7. Concord

A name with English roots that means ‘peace’. It’s a bit on the longer side, but it is gender-neutral so you can give it to either a boy or a girl. It may even work better as a middle name instead.

8. Coy

A name from the English language that originated from the Middle English word, Coi. It means someone who plays ‘coy’ or simply someone who’s ‘quiet’ or ‘shy’.

It’s also a popular surname.

9. Csaga

A name from the Hungarian language, referring to a ‘shy’ and ‘careful’ person. While a bit of a tongue twister, it’s still a really beautiful name to consider for your little one.

10. Dianthe

A beautiful Greek name that translates to a ‘flower of the Gods’.

60 Best Shy Girl Names For Your Timid Baby Girl With Meanings (2)

11. Diara

A 5-letter long Latin name which translates to ‘gift’. It’s short, lovely, and it shows your little girl just how much of a gift she is to you despite her overwhelming shyness.

12. Dietlinde

A German name drawn from Theodelinda, the queen of the Lombards from the 6th century, that refers to someone ‘flexible’, ‘tender’, and ‘soft’, like a mother or a very shy girl.

13. Dölgöön

A shy girl name with a rather unique, Mongolian origin, which translates to ‘calm’ and ‘quiet’.

14. Ermelinda

An old-fashioned name from the Italian language. It translates to ‘tender’ and ‘soft’. While not as popular in the US, it is quite popular in its country of origin as well as Poland and Hungary.

15. Galene

Another Greek girl name, this one meaning ‘calm’ as it belongs to the goddess of calm seas, Galene.

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16. Gunvor

A name from ancient Norse times that means to be ‘cautious in war’. It used to be quite popular in Nordic countries back in the day, especially Sweden, Norway, and even Denmark in the first half of the 20th century.

This unisex name dropped in popularity soon after, however.

17. Haidee

A name first seen in the poem: “Don Juan”, which was written by Lord Byron. It means ‘reverent’ and ‘modest’.

A more modern version of it can be Heidi.

18. Hellä

A Scandinavian name that refers to someone or something ‘gentle’ or ‘tender’. It’s quite popular in Finland as far as Nordic countries go, and is a name similar to the Nordic goddess, Hel.

19. Hien

A unisex name of Vietnamese origin, translating to ‘gentle’ and ‘meek’.

20. Hilja

A name of Finnish and Estonian origin that translates to ‘quiet’ and ‘silent’, perfect for those shy little rascals.

60 Best Shy Girl Names For Your Timid Baby Girl With Meanings (3)

21. Jamyang

A Tibetan name with the beautiful meaning of ‘gentle song’. It’s also unisex.

22. Jeong

A common unisex name in the Korean language that means to be ‘still’, ‘gentle’, and ‘quiet’.

23. Jing

A short, 4-letter Chinese girl name that means ‘gentle’, ‘quiet’, and ‘still.’ It’s ideal for families with Chinese heritage, though it doesn’t have to be limited to bloodlines alone.

24. Ji-Min

A name of Korean origin describing someone ‘affable’ or ‘gentle’. It’s a name that’s quite popular in South Korea, though it does have some popularity in the US too, albeit not as much as some others.

The name Ji-Min is also unisex.

25. Kaimalie

A unique name for shy girls with Hawaiian roots that describes a ‘calm’ and ‘quiet sea’.

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26. Kaino

A name that comes from a more colder climate given its Nordic origins, translating to ‘demure’, ‘modest’, ‘timid’, or ‘shy’ as the many traits it encompasses.

It’s a unisex name by nature so you can use it for both boys and girls. It used to be quite popular in the Nordic countries, but has since fallen out of fashion.

It’s perfect for families who like to stand out and be unique.

27. Lajila

A name of Indian origin that’s surprisingly not as popular as some others. Meaning ‘shy’, this name deserves at least a little bit of recognition and it might be just what you’re looking for for your baby girl.

28. Lamis

A name of Arab origin that translates to ‘soft’ in the Arabic language. A rather extraordinarily simple, yet beautiful name, and one ideal for a shy little girl.

29. Lành

A unisex name from Vietnam that describes someone ‘favorable’, ‘gentle’, and ‘good’.

30. Laqueta

One of the rare native American shy girl names. It carries the meaning of ‘the quiet one’.

60 Best Shy Girl Names For Your Timid Baby Girl With Meanings (4)

31. Linda

A modern version of the name Ermelinda, a Portuguese and Spanish name that means ‘beautiful’, ‘mild’, ‘soft’, and ‘flexible’. It used to be quite popular at the start of the 20th century, but has since dropped in popularity.

32. Manyara

An elegant name for girls from Zimbabwe that translates to ‘you have been humbled’ from the Shona language.

33. Mayumi

A name from the Filipino language meaning ‘soft’, ‘modest’, and ‘tender’. Yet another extremely beautiful name and one that can be further shortened to ‘Yumi’ if you ever need a 4-letter name for your girl.

34. Mildred

A name of English origin.

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Mildred translates to ‘gentle strength’ and is quite old-fashioned, meaning it has fallen out of favor and has been replaced with more modern versions of it like Millie. Although nobody’s stopping you from using the original!

35. Modesty

A simple name with English roots, with a meaning the same as the name itself, ‘modesty’. Despite it’s rather beautiful nature, it’s still quite uncommon to see nowadays, but you can change that rather easily by giving it to your darling little girl!

36. Mridula

Coming from Hindu culture, this adorable name means ‘gentle’, ‘soft’, and ‘delicate’.

37. Nazia

A name of Persian origin that means to be ‘coy’ or ‘sweet’. It sounds really beautiful and exotic.

38. Naz

A short, Turkish 3-letter name for shy girls that translates to being ‘coy’.

39. Nazli

A name of dual origin coming from both Turkish and Persian languages, translating to ‘delicate’ and ‘coy’.

While not as popular in the US, it’s one of the more popular Turkish girl names, so do keep that in mind when picking out the ideal shy girl names for your child’s name list.

40. Neith

A name deeply rooted in Egyptian mythology that belongs to the namesake goddess of weaving, war, and the hunt.

It means ‘dread’ and ‘fear’, traits often attributed to shy people, making it a somewhat obscure choice for a name for a shy girl, but you still might want to consider it.

60 Best Shy Girl Names For Your Timid Baby Girl With Meanings (5)

41. Nyarai

A name of South African descent that means to ‘be humble’, ‘shy’, and ‘quiet’. A rather rare name unique to Zimbabwe and the Shona people, who are native speakers of the Bantu language.

42. Nyein

Nyein is a name of Burmese origin that means to be ‘quiet’, and represents the idea of ‘calmness’.

43. Nyofu

A lovely name of Swahili origin that refers to someone who’s ‘shy’ or ‘candid’ about their personal affairs. It’s one of the more rare and unique, but still beautiful girl names out there.

44. Şermin

An exotic name with Turkish roots meaning ‘bashful’ and ‘shy’, yet another beautiful name to add to the potential list of candidates for your little girl.

45. Shanti

A beautiful name with Sanskrit roots with a serene meaning of ‘tranquility’, ‘peace’, and ‘quiet’.

46. Sharmila

A name originating from Sanskrit, Sharmila is a Hindu name that means ‘protection’, ‘joy’, and ‘shy’. These are all traits that perfectly encapsulate what it means to be an innocent child, without the name itself sounding too childish.

47. Shiloh

A unisex name with religious ties, that in the Bible refers to a specific place of worship and means ‘tranquil’ in the Hebrew language.

While not as obscure as some of the other names on this list thanks to Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt naming one of their daughters with this extraordinary name, it’s still quite enticing.

The best part is that it can be used by both girls and boys alike.

48. Shizuka

A name of Japanese origin that simply means ‘quiet’. It’s got a recognizable vibe from the land of the rising sun too, so if you’re into that, this might be the name you’re looking for.

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49. Shye

A name of Old English origin that refers to a ‘shy and quiet woman’ as you would expect given the spelling. It’s a simple variation on the very attribute ‘shyness’ and one that seems to work quite well for timid little girls.

50. Shyly

A name of Indian descent that refers to a ‘shy woman’ or ‘shy girl’ or just a person with a ‘shy personality’.

60 Best Shy Girl Names For Your Timid Baby Girl With Meanings (6)

51. Smirnova

Another Slavic name that comes from Russia, it means ‘calm’, ‘collected’, ‘peaceful’, and ‘quiet’. As a boys name, it’s spelled as Smirnov.

52. Sopheap

A unisex name from Cambodia that translates to ‘proper’ and ‘gentle’ in the Khmer language.

53. Tacey

A gender-neutral name of Old English origin that describes something ‘fruitful’ or someone ‘silent’.

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54. Thulile

A name from South African Zulu culture that describes someone who is ‘peaceful’ and ‘quiet’. It can be used for both boys and girls.

55. Tihana

Coming from a Slavic origin (Croatian to be precise) Tihana is one of the names that mean quiet person or ‘quiet girl’. It’s a rather lovely name to give to your little girl.

56. Tiombe

With West African roots, this name translates directly to ‘one who is shy’. It’s a rather beautiful name of exotic origin that’s shared by a famous American singer and songwriter, Tiombe Lockhart.

57. Vaike

A name deeply rooted in Estonian culture, Vaike translates to a nice ‘calm’ and ‘silence’. It’s also the name of the titular character of Vambola, the short story by Andres Saal written in 1889.

58. Vieno

A gender-neutral Finnish name that translates to ‘gentle’.

It’s rather uncommon in the English-speaking world, making it perfect for all you moms out there looking for a more unique name for your kids.

59. Yasu

A unisex name of Japanese origin that translates to ‘peace’ and ‘quiet’. Short, simple, and gender neutral, everything you could ever want in a name!

60. Yūka

Yūka is one of the more lovely names for shy girls, it means ‘gentleness’, but also ‘superiority’ and ‘excellence’.

Can We Go Even Softer?

60 Best Shy Girl Names For Your Timid Baby Girl With Meanings (7)

If you don’t like any of the names listed above, and you really want to emphasize the pure innocence and gentleness of a shy girl, then here’s a list with some of the names that you may want to try, along with their meanings:

1. Alice – truth

2. Clara – bright

3. Amelia – industrious

4. Aurora – dawn

5. Dove – the dove bird

6. Elsie – pledged to God

7. Helen – bright light

8. Nevaeh – heaven spelt backwards

9. Thea – goddess

10. Daisy – day’s eye

11. Libby – pledged to God

12. Everly – wild boar in woodland clearing

13. Sadie – princess

14. Sophie – wisdom

15. Lily – the lily flower

16. Sunny – cheerful

17. Tess – harvesting

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18. Willow – willow tree

19. Fiona – fair

20. Iris – rainbow, name of flower

What About Middle Names For Shy Girls?

60 Best Shy Girl Names For Your Timid Baby Girl With Meanings (8)

As mentioned before, some of these names can also work as middle names for your little girl.

Here is a collection of additional names that you might like, specifically tailored to work well with shy girl names as they further emphasize their gentleness.

That should be evident when you notice that most of these names are connected to nature and flowers.

Here are some of the best ones:

1. Viola

2. Bluebell

3. Alyssa

4. Flora

5. Poppy

6. Fern

7. Daffodil

8. Zahra

9. Rose

10. Blossom

In Conclusion

There are plenty of shy girl names out there to choose from that come from many different languages and cultures.

Some are powerful and strong, contradicting the very nature of being shy, while some are gentle and soft, complimenting the quiet and observant traits of all the wonderful shy people out there.

There are so many flavors that you’re simply spoiled for choice! At least a few should fit your darling little girl well.

Hopefully you manage to find a name that feels right.

I’m sure you’ll be able to pick out the perfect one.

Until next time, mammas!

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60 Best Shy Girl Names For Your Timid Baby Girl With Meanings (9)

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What is a good name for a shy girl? ›

Dianthe – This charming Greek name translates to “silent and gentle.” Galina – This charming Greek name means “calm.” Tiombe – This rare African name means “shy.” Hien – In Vietnamese, this unisex name means “gentle and quiet.”

What are some names for shy people? ›

  • withdrawn.
  • bashful.
  • diffident.
  • introverted.
  • lone.
  • coy.
  • retiring.
  • sheepish.

What is the name meaning for shy? ›

The name Shy is both a boy's name and a girl's name meaning "reserved, timid". Not the most aspirational word names you could give to a child, although it does work as a nickname.

What is a name for a quiet person? ›

76 Baby Names That Mean Quiet
ShalevA person who is quiet and peaceful with a calm personalityHebrew
ShamindraQuiet, gentleIndian
ShantamA shy and quiet manIndian
ShatherianA very quiet and introvert personArabic
74 more rows

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  • Annalise. A combination of the name Anna and Lise, this name is simple, pretty, and unique.
  • Brigitta. This name is the German, Dutch, and Hungarian form of Bridget, but here, it seems to have a more feminine ring to it.
  • Charmaine. ...
  • Constance. ...
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  • Larisa. ...
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  • Lucinda.
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  • of 20. Isabella. ...
  • of 20. Ava. ...
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What's a word for quiet and shy? ›

Bashful means shy or timid.

Is being shy cute? ›

Shy people don't think they're more important than others

But it is a trait that most of us find very likable and attractive in others. In fact, psychologists have consistently found that both men and women rate humility as one of the most desirable traits in a partner.

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