100 Hard General Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers Printable - Trivia QQ (2022)

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Hard trivia questions and answers

1. What was the first official mascot in the history of the Olympic Summer Games?


2. What is the motto of the EA company?

“Challenge Everything”

3. When does Joe Biden take the oath of office as the 46th President of the United States?

January 20, 2021

4. Source d’Argent beach is situated in where?


5. What colors can humans not see?

Red-green and yellow-blue are the so-called “forbidden colors.”

6. Bangkok, Thailand is situated at the bank of which river?

Chao Phraya

7. Islamic prophet Muhammad (PBUH) led the Battle of the Trench (also known as the siege of Medina) at 56 years of age in which year?

c. 627

8. Where is the Potala Palace situated?

Lhasa, Tibet Autonomous Region, China

9. What is a common fact among Geoffrey Chaucer, William Shakespeare, William Blake, William Wordsworth, and Samuel Taylor Coleridge?

National poets in England

10. Wasp stings are alkaline whereas bee stings are acidic. T/F?


11. Which city is called The Forum


12. There is a place called “Hungry Horse” in which US state?


13. What insect in Spain is known as La Cucaracha?

The Cockroach

14. Chottogram, Bangladesh is situated at the bank of which river?


15. What does a Knocker-Up do?

In British towns of yore, particularly those with a mine or mill as the center of commercial activity, knocker-ups were responsible for going from house to house to wake workers in the mornings. The title came from the sound they made rapping on windows.

16. A man named what hiccupped for a total of 68 years?

Charles Osborne

17. Right-handed people live, on average, nine years longer than left-handed people. T/F?


18. An American in Maine got a divorce because their wife fed him only what?

Pea Soup

19. How did Pope Hadrian IV die?

Choked on a fly

20. What weight is the lightest in Amateur Boxing?

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Light Flyweight

21. There is a place called “Hygiene” in which US state?


22. 13th century Paris brothels were the first to have what?

Red Lights

23. In what country was Che Guevara born?


24. Statistically, how many persons out of two billion reach the age of 116 years old?

only one person

25. In Kansas City it’s illegal to what with more than 12 potatoes?

Juggle with them

26. A snake has two penises but only one other organ?


27. Shoal Bay is situated in which country?


28. What hairs are the last to lose their color with age?


29. In Texas it’s illegal for what profession to be communists?


30. Who said, “sex appeal 50% what you got 50% they think you got”?

Sophia Loren

31. What part of the eye helps us see color?


32. What links Duke Wellington, Earl Derby, Marquis Salisbury?

UK Prime Ministers

33. Ronald Ross campaigned for the destruction of what?

Mosquitoes – stop malaria

34. What does a Weir Keeper do?

A keeper of fish traps. Just don’t ever call the guys from Deadliest Catch that to their face.

35. Who won two Nobel prizes in different fields?

Marie Curie Physics 1903 Chemistry 1911

36. There is a place called “Innaloo” in which country?

Western Australia, Australia

37. Which eye cells are not good for color vision?


38. What is the easiest color for the human eye to see?

Green, followed by yellow and blue

39. Name 3rd cent BC Greek mathematician wrote?

The Elements Euclid

40. What is the main ingredient of an edible faggot?


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41. Do we see with our eyes or brain?

Our eyes do a really good job of capturing light from objects around us and transforming that into information used by our brains, but our eyes don’t actually “see” anything. That part is done by our visual cortex. Our eyes being slightly apart creates an image that needs to be corrected.

42. Bristol, United Kingdom is situated at the bank of which river?


43. Ignoring obvious what links Venus and Mercury?

No Moons

44. In golf what is the penalty for playing with your opponent’s ball?

Two strokes added on

45. What percentage of visual information is related to color?

62% and 90%

46. Which cells are most sensitive to light and dark changes, shape, and movement and contain only one type of light-sensitive pigment?

The rods

47. St Fiacre is the Patron Saint of what?


48. Ingrown toenails are hereditary. T/F?


49. What does a Catchpole do?

A catchpole rounded up delinquent debtors. Imagine a cross between Dog the Bounty Hunter and a really smarmy collections agent.

50. “Taste the Rainbow” is the motto of which company?


51. What brings more oxygen to the lungs?


52. William Burroughs coined what phrase used by Steppenwolf in 1968?

Heavy Metal – Born to be Wild

53. Chogori is better known by what boring name?


54. Colonel Jacob Schick invented what in 1928 in the USA?

Electric Razor

55. What color is the lowest in energy?


56. Which country has the world’s biggest (on land) National Park?

Canada — Wood Buffalo 17300s ml

57. The Clock Tower London is named the Elizabeth Tower in which year?


58. Evidence of what alternative treatment found in 5300 mummy?


59. You are more likely to be killed by a champagne cork than by a poisonous spider. T/F?


60. What is the only Christian country in Asia?

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The Philippines

61. Which city is called– The Mind of Russia

St Petersburg

62. In 1996 which Celine Dion album Grammy album of the year?

Falling into You

63. What are these specialized cells are called?


64. It turns out that one man in every ___ hundred is capable of satisfying themselves orally.


65. What queen banned mirrors as she got older?

Elizabeth 1st

66. Starts with F ends with K if you can’t get one you use your hand?


67. What are the England Houses of Parliament?


68. 1936 film started with world war and ended with space flight?

Things to Come, HG Wells,

69. You’ll be about 1cm shorter when you go to bed at night compared to when you wake up in the morning. T/F?

True. Your cartilage in your spine slowly compresses throughout the day.

70. In Iowa 1978 Judge dismissed the drink driving charge – why?

Too Drunk to sample

71. In Christian myth man was created from dust what in Islam?

Clots of Blood

72. A cough amounts to an explosive charge of air which moves at speeds up to how many miles per hour?

60 miles

73. North Fork Roe River – world’s shortest – which US state?


74. Where are the Rock houses situated?

near Göreme, Cappadocia, Turkey

75. Your body contains enough iron to make a spike strong enough to hold your weight. T/F?


76. If silence is golden what is silver?


77. Human life expectancy would increase by 9.78 years if-

all the major cardiovascular diseases were eliminated.

78. What language speakers were shot in Russia and Germany during the 1930s?


79. In Bristol Rhode Island it’s illegal to smoke during what event?

Public Hanging in the town square

80. Your body gives off enough heat in how many minutes to bring half a gallon of water to a boil?

30 min

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81. Trypanophobia is fear of what?

Inoculations — Injections

82. Which city is called– Big Village in the Middle of Nowhere


83. What is unusual about the number 8549176320?

Digits alpha order

84. In 1879 James Ritty invented what?

Cash Register

85. What animal spend about 80% of their life asleep?


86. French racing driver Jean Behra kept a spare what in his pocket?

Plastic right ear

87. President Roosevelt was the first president to do what?

Fly 1943 secret trip Casablanca

88. Where is the National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall situated?

Taipei, Taiwan

89. What swims at 1/8 inch an hour?


90. It is a fact that in a human mouth there are more bacteria than there are in the world. T/F?


91. Who are the national poets in Estonia?

Lydia Koidula, and Friedrich Reinhold Kreutzwald

92. You have about what volume of sweat glands produce about a pint of sweat daily?


93. Between 15 and 20% of what disappears from shops each year?

Supermarket Trolleys

94. Dune du Pyla beach is situated in which country?


95. Who said in 1951 – “I married beneath me – All women do”?

Lady Nancy Astor

96. You are taller in the morning than in the evening. T/F?


97. What TV did 44 million USA watch while 27m Eisennower sworn in?

I Love Lucy

98. “Red Bull Gives You Wings” is the motto of which company?

Red Bull

99. Bristlemouths are the world’s most common what?


100. Who created the Munich 1972 Olympic mascot?

Elena Winschermann

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100 Hard General Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers Printable - Trivia QQ (1)

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